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From a global perspective, and on grounds of physics opportunity, complementarity between facilities and timeliness, a natural focus for Europe is the probe of hadrons via electron beams. NuPECC's original endorsement of a European electron facility (ELFE 1991) has led to intensive studies of the physics and its experimental realisation. These studies have revealed that such a facility can bring unique insights into non-perturbative QCD via exclusive and semi-inclusive scattering. These studies confirm and reinforce our recommendation that a high intensity and high duty cycle electron laboratory at $\sqrt{s} =7 $ GeV or above be constructed in Europe. We note also that various national laboratories in Europe are considering facilities that, if realised, could have significant interest for the hadron and quark dynamics community. These include a fast cycling proton synchrotron at GSI and, in the shorter term, a $\tau/$charm factory at Frascati. We encourage these national institutions to pursue these aims with the hope that they may be realised as international facilities. As a general strategy, we recommend R&D on high intensity, high duty cycle electron acceleration and electron cooling techniques at high energy.

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