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edited by:
Jean Vervier, Juha Äystö, Hubert Doubre, Sydney Galès
George Morrison, Giovanni Ricco, Dirk Schwalm
and Gabriele-Elisabeth Körner
*Sponsored by CEC
\begin{picture}(450,40)\makebox(40,40){\epsfig{file=esf.eps,width=1.2cm}......CC is an Associated Committee of the EuropeanScience Foundation}\end{picture}

Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee
(an Associated Committee of the European Science Foundation)
ÄYSTÖ Juha              Jyväskylä (Finland)
DØSSING Thomas          NBI Copenhagen (Denmark)
DOUBRE Hubert           CSNSM Orsay (France)
FONSECA Antonio C.      Lisbon (Portugal)
GALES Sydney            IPN Orsay (France)
HARAKEH Muhsin          KVI Groningen (The Netherlands)
JASTRZEBSKI Jerzy       Warsaw (Poland)
LEEB Helmut             Wien (Austria)
MARTINO Jacques         Saclay (France)
MIDDELKOOP Ger van      Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
MIGNECO Emilio          Catania (Italy)
MORRISON George         Birmingham (United Kingdom)
MOYA DE GUERRA Elvira   Madrid (Spain)
OSNES Eivind            Oslo (Norway)
RICCO Giovanni          Genova (Italy)
SCHOCH Berthold         Bonn (Germany)
SCHWALM Dirk            Heidelberg (Germany)
SHOTTER Alan            Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
SICK Ingo               Basel (Switzerland)
SKEPPSTEDT Örjan        Göteborg (Sweden)
VERVIER Jean            Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)
WAGNER Albrecht         DESY Hamburg (Germany)
Chairman: Prof. Sydney Galès
IPN Orsay, B.P. 1, 91406 Orsay Cedex, France
Phone: (33) 1, Fax: (33) 1, e-mail:
Scientific Secreteriat: Dr. Gabriele-Elisabeth Körner
c/o Physikdepartment E12 der Technischen Universität München, D-85748 Garching
Tel.: x49-89-289 12293, Fax: x49-89-289 12297, e-mail:


NuPECC would like to express its gratitude to the members and in particular to the conveners of the working groups, who prepared the core of this report.

Nuclear Structure under Extreme Conditions of Isospin, Mass, Spin and Temperature

Conveners: A.C. Mueller (France), G. Sletten (Denmark)

S. Åberg (Sweden), J. Äystö (Finland), G. Bollen (CERN), P. F. Bortignon (Italy), T. Døssing (Denmark), W. Gelletly (United Kingdom), J. Gerl (Germany), H. Grawe (Germany), B. Haas (France), M. Harakeh (The Netherlands), H. Hübel (Germany), S. Lunardi (Italy), A.C. Mueller (France), G. Pollarolo (Italy), A. Povès (Spain), K. Riisager (Denmark), M. Schaedel (Germany), A. Shotter (United Kingdom), J. Vervier (Belgium)
Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions and the Phase Transitions of Nuclear Matter
Conveners: J. Schukraft (CERN), J. Stachel (Germany)

 J. Aichelin (France), P. Braun-Munzinger (Germany), L. Csernai (Norway), G. Dellacasa(Italy),    O. Hansen (Denmark), U. Heinz (Germany), N. Herrmann (Germany), U. Lynen (Germany), E. Migneco (Italy), U. Mosel (Germany), E. Plagnol (France), H. Satz (Germany), R. Stock (Germany), H. Wilschut (The Netherlands), J. Zimanyi (Hungary)
Quark and Hadron Dynamics
Convener: B. Frois (France)

C. Amsler (Switzerland), T. Bressani (Italy), F. Close (United Kingdom), D. von Harrach (Germany), F. Kunne (France), J.M. Laget (France), V. Metag (Germany), P. Mulders (The Netherlands), D.O. Riska (Finland), E. de Sanctis (Italy), I. Sick (Switzerland)
Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics
Convener: F.K. Thielemann (Basel)

I. Baraffe (France), H. Bloemen (The Netherlands), I. N. Borzov (Russia), M. Busso (Italy), S. Cooper (United Kingdom), J. Dobaczewski (Poland), R. Durrer (Switzerland), F. v. Feilitzsch (Germany), R. Gallino (Italy), J. Isern (Spain), H.T. Janka (Germany), E. Lorenz (Germany), C. Pethick (Denmark), N. Prantzos (France), C. Rolfs (Germany), J. Vervier (Belgium), M. Wiescher (USA)
Neutrino Physics
Convener: G. Bellini (Italy)

Y. Declais (France), F. von Feilitzsch (Germany), L. Di Lella (CERN), A. Morales (Spain), L. Oberauer (Germany), G. Raffelt (Germany), J.L. Vuilleumier (Switzerland)
Fundamental Interactions
J. Deutsch (Belgium), J. Sromicki (Switzerland), H.-Chr. Walter (Switzerland)
The editors acknowledge the help of Hans-Joachim Körner (Technische Universität München) in preparing the introduction. One of the editors (G.-E. K.) would like to thank her students Martin Freund and Andreas Stolz for their continuous technical support.

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